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Can’t Let Go

I’m packing up clothes to donate to Goodwill and I am finding myself struggling to pack what I no longer need or can’t fit anymore just because they hold memories. Or that I’m working on losing weight and I have this desire to try them on after a few months of working on my body.


This is why I never have room.

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My Relationship & Everyone Else

If you ask me how my man and I are doing, I will tell you. What I won’t do is ask for your opinion about us or advice for us. So if I don’t ask for it, don’t give it.

Everyone has their own version or expectation for how a relationship should start, when it should get serious, and when it is the right time to establish labels. Everyone should follow their own version and expectations because it’s coming from them and their own personal reasons why.

My relationship, however, is my relationship. My feelings and emotions about it are mine. My man’s feelings and emotions about it are his. We always share our thoughts and feelings with each other. We always communicate what’s on our mind with each another. We already have a great level of trust, understanding, and communication with each other. Therefore, leave our relationship to us. If we share certain stories about our relationship, that is our decision.

I’m so happy with him and I realize the reason why we’re so good is because we don’t let others meddle in our relationship. We refuse to let others try to tell us how to be when we’re already fine as is.

When friends meddle, that’s when shit gets crazy. When we let them into our heads and leave their opinions, some of us start to question everything. Because they make us feel like we’re not doing things right. Well what fucking business is it any of theirs anyways? It’s not.

I am dating my man and my man only. I am not dating him with everyone else in my life.

Keep your opinions and thoughts to yourself.